Episode #2 – The Dutch-Israeli ‘special relationship’ pt. 1

The Second episode of PLR is all about the Dutch-Israeli ‘special relationship’ and how it developed.

In this first part of a series of two, we will discover that while the Netherlands was seen as a welcoming county for (Jewish) refugees, 75% of its Jewish population would eventually be deported during the Second World War. This would prove to become the primary justification of the Dutch special relationship with Israel, even though it was always based on imperialist and colonialist interests.

Stay tuned for the second part in this series, as we will reveal Dutch-Israeli arms trade, military collaboration and the Dutch Zionist movement after the Second World War.

Special thanks to Stryder for making his song ‘Lieve Palestina’ available to us. Check him and his group Camp Rauw on YouTube and Spotify: www.youtube.com/user/CampRauw

00:00 Introduction
01:40 The Dutch Paradox
05:36 The Dutch Zionist movement before WWII
10:20 The remarkable story of Jacob Israël de Haan
13:37 Jews in the Netherlands: as much Dutch as Jew
17:44 Build up to WWII: Dutch tolerance takes its toll
22:10 WWII: collaborating with the Nazi’s
29:49 Music break: Stryder – Lieve Palestina
34:38 Honoring the Dutch resistance
36:52 The Jewish Council: Jewish obedience
38:15 Conclusion